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The Prey Bites Back

Jesse and Billy’s investigative abilities are once again put to the test when they take on a murder-for-hire case involving a woman without a past—Dakota Stone, owner and operator of The Body Shop.

With expectations of being pampered, women who join this elite establishment get more than they bargain for—an opportunity to have their husbands killed with a guarantee that no one will ever find out. A high-end spa, The Body Shop, isn’t what it appears to be.

As Jesse and Billy dig deeper, they discover evidence that could destroy Dakota Stone, permanently shut down her business, and send her to prison for life. She killed men for money, and they were going to prove it. But time isn’t on their side when an explosion at The Body Shop puts a snag in their investigation. A body was found in the rubble and video surveillance places them at the scene, implicating them in a murder.   

Will this case prove to be their last, or will they bring down a ruthless criminal in time to save their family and themselves from a dangerous woman filled with vengeance and murder in mind?

No one will walk away unhurt.

“Ann Mullen has done it again! I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to see what situations Jesse, Billy, and the crew were going to get themselves into next. The Prey Bites Back puts a whole new perspective on the term ‘family business’.”—Trish Eckstein



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